10 Safest Countries in Africa

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Traveling always carries some risk, yet many African nations are much safer than one might think. These are the top ten safest tourist destinations in Africa:


Tanzania safari
Photo by Kureng Workx from Pexels

Tanzania is one of the top countries in Africa for wildlife safaris due to the sheer quantity and variety of its animal species as well as the expertise of its safari sector. Travelers can feel secure in Tanzania because there are rarely any crimes there.

Since most people would be traveling outside of cities, there will be less of a chance for crime. Safaris are frequently extremely safe, and knowledgeable guides are trained to deal with wildlife encounters.

Tanzania safety: The majority of visitors will either fly or take scheduled transfer cars around the nation; nonetheless, self-drivers should be cautious of potholes and avoid driving at night. Before making a reservation, it’s a good idea to confirm that the safari guides and Mt. Kilimanjaro hiking companies have a strong, trustworthy reputation.

When to visit Tanzania: From June to October, during the dry season, is the greatest time to see wildlife.

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Giraffe Centre Kenya
Photo by Git Stephen Gitau

The safari sector in Kenya is the most established in all of Africa, and the country’s excellent infrastructure makes traveling there simple. For the many tourists, it welcomes each year, the nation is generally safe.

Although it pays to be cautious and observant, most tourists do not experience violence even when visiting places like Nairobi. The northern shore and the Somalian border region are both subject to travel advisories, although it is simple to stay away from these areas.

Kenya security: In the cities, the typical security measures are in place. The majority of dangers on a safari are related to wild animals, and with a qualified guide, these dangers are minor. Avoid driving at night if possible and select a trustworthy automobile rental company.

Ask for a paper outlining where and when you must appear in court to answer the applicable charges as traffic police are known to improperly demand fines on the spot.

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Botswana safari
Botswana safari

Travelers rarely encounter crime in Botswana, in part because of the nation’s stable political climate. Low crime rates are found in Maun, which serves as the entrance to the Okavango Delta. The management of safaris is excellent, and highly qualified guides protect visitors from potential wildlife encounters.

Safety in Botswana: Most visitors will be going to remote locations with hardly any other people. The tourism sector is well-established, and there is very little corruption.

Best time to visit Botswana: The best times to see wildlife in the Okavango Delta and Chobe National Park are from May to October when it’s dry. In the Makgadikgadi Pans from December to March, during the Green season (Wet season), you can see zebras migrating.

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Uganda wildlife
Photo by travelboot Holidays

Uganda is a well-known travel destination, and tourists rarely experience violence there, especially since most visitors don’t spend much time in the towns where the risk is greatest (as is the case with most places in the world).

When visiting mountain gorillas, knowledgeable rangers and frequent security accompany visitors into the rainforest; most hikes are uneventful.

Safety in Uganda: Travelers can generally feel secure there. In cities, the typical considerations apply, but it’s advisable to seek guidance and avoid the cities during elections or periods of protest.

Best time to visit Uganda: June to August and December to February are the driest months.


Photo by Jessie Crettenden

Namibia, a nation of enormous deserts, is well-known for its epic road excursions, stargazing, untamed safaris, and adrenaline-pumping activities like skydiving and quad biking around the adventure hub Swakopmund.

Namibia is the perfect destination for individuals looking for secure travel destinations in Africa because of its low crime rate and lack of problems experienced by tourists.

Namibia’s small population and the fact that most visitors stay outside of the cities contribute to the country’s safety. Political stability and no major conflict exist in Namibia.

Best time to visit Namibia: There is less rain than in other southern African nations, and the weather is generally steady throughout the year. Visit during the dry winter season, which runs from July to October, to see wildlife in Etosha National Park.

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Victoria falls
Victoria falls

Travelers to Zambia rarely run into issues. In hubs like Lusaka and Livingstone, as in other cities, there is a chance of robbery, but the vast majority of tourists are unaffected by this, and Zambia is regarded as one of the safest countries in Africa to visit.

Safety in Zambia: Protests should be avoided despite Zambia’s generally calm political climate. An expert safari guide will know how to handle wildlife encounters and enhance safety.

Best time to visit Zambia: The greatest months to see wildlife are May through October. Visit Victoria Falls between June and September when there is less water, which improves vision.


Rwanda Gorilla
Gorilla in Rwanda

Arriving in Rwanda’s laid-back and attractive capital Kigali, one can instantly tell that it is possibly the safest country in all of Africa. Despite the high level of security, tourists don’t typically feel more anxious because of it; rather the reverse, in fact. Tours for gorilla trekking and safaris are generally well-organized and secure.

Rwanda security: In terms of safety for lone travelers, Rwanda ranked sixth in the world in 2022. In an effort to unite the nation rather than further divide it, Rwanda’s response to the genocide of 1994. As a result, Rwanda now has a strong safety record for tourists and locals, with a focus on security.

Best time to visit Rwanda: Although you may visit the tropical country of Rwanda at any time, the best time to go is from June to September when it’s dry. March and April are advised to be avoided because they are the wettest months.


Mauritius beach
Photo by Michal Marek

This island nation, one of the safest in Africa, is ideal for unhurried vacations when safety is not a major issue. It’s a multicultural nation where residents coexist, for the most part, amicably. Families like Mauritius and the numerous beach resorts also provide anxious visitors a sense of security.

Safety in Mauritius: Politically stable, one of the wealthiest nations in Africa, and generally quite safe for travelers.

Best time to visit Mauritius: The driest and coldest months are from May to November. The rainiest months are between the cyclone months of January and March, and the months of December through April are hot and muggy.


Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric

Seychelles, a beautiful group of biodiverse islands in the Indian Ocean, has long been regarded as a particularly safe tourism destination and one of the safest nations in Africa. Tourists rarely suffer crime, especially outside of the major islands.

Safety in Seychelles: The economy is a well-established one, and the government is solid. The majority of visitors stay in seaside resorts, greatly reducing the likelihood of running into any minor or major crime. When swimming in the sea, be mindful of rip tides.

Best time to visit Seychelles: Seychelles is accessible all year round. The finest diving and snorkeling conditions are found between March and May and September to November when it’s the driest and coolest.



This tiny, mountainous nation is an outpost of South Africa. Lesotho is a country that will appeal to anyone looking for secure locations to vacation in Africa because tourists spend most of their time there in rural areas where crime is uncommon.

Lesotho safety: The country of Lesotho is a wonderful place to visit because of the leisurely and easy pace of life there. These places rarely have crime. Use caution when traveling through the cities as they are not as safe. Not only is it safer to hike in groups with a guide, but it’s also better in case of injury, inclement weather, or just for navigation.

Best time to visit Lesotho: Lesotho is accessible year-round, although the best months to visit are from October to March because of the weather (the Wet season).

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