The Best Time to Visit Botswana for a Safari

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Welcome to Botswana, a captivating destination where the magic of an African safari comes to life. In this guide, we’ll explore the importance of choosing the best time to visit Botswana for a safari, allowing you to embark on an unforgettable journey in sync with nature’s rhythms.

Botswana, renowned as one of Africa’s top safari destinations, boasts diverse ecosystems, from the iconic Okavango Delta to the vast expanses of the Kalahari Desert. Understanding the seasonal variations is crucial to truly appreciate the wonders Botswana has to offer.

Whether you seek excellent game viewing or captivating landscapes, understanding the best time to go is crucial for your ideal Botswana safari experience.

Understanding Botswana’s Seasons

Understanding Botswana’s seasonal variations allows you to plan your safari adventure accordingly. Whether you prefer the excellent game viewing of the dry season or the captivating landscapes of the wet season, each period offers unique experiences to make your Botswana safari truly unforgettable.

We invite you to join us on an exciting journey as we explore the ideal times to visit, month by month, offering valuable insider tips for your extraordinary wildlife paradise adventure.

Dry Season

During the dry season witness awe-inspiring wildlife spectacles as animals concentrate around remaining water sources. Explore the Okavango Delta’s intricate waterways during this time for unparalleled game-viewing opportunities.

Duration and Timing
Botswana’s dry season ranges from May to October, making it the best time to visit for optimal wildlife experiences.

Benefits for Wildlife Enthusiasts
During the dry season, the land becomes parched, and water levels recede, concentrating animals around remaining water sources. This concentration provides excellent game-viewing opportunities.

Exploring the Okavango Delta during the Dry Season
The Okavango Delta, with its intricate waterways (mokoros), becomes a focal point for wildlife during the dry season. Traverse the delta on traditional canoes and witness elephants bathing, lions prowling, and a symphony of birdlife.

Highlights of Game Viewing in Botswana
Game drives through the Savuti region reveal breathtaking herds of zebras and antelopes, while Chobe National Park’s wildlife-rich floodplains showcase the beauty of nature’s harmony.

Wet Season (Green Season)

In the green season, Botswana reveals vibrant landscapes with lush foliage and blooming flora. Encounter migratory birds and newborn animals amidst occasional showers and the ethereal beauty of thunderstorms.

Duration and Timing
The wet season, also known as the green season, occurs from November to April, bringing occasional showers and transforming Botswana into a lush paradise.

Unique Experiences during the Wet Season
The wet season welcomes migratory birds and offers thrilling encounters with newborn animals. Embrace the beauty of thunderstorms and witness the wilderness flourishing with vibrant foliage.

Exploring the Lush Landscapes and Diverse Ecosystems
Botswana’s wet season reveals lush vegetation and blooming flora across its diverse ecosystems. From the Moremi Game Reserve to the central Kalahari, the landscapes come alive with life and vibrant colors.

Wildlife Encounters and Birdwatching Opportunities
The wet season brings ample opportunities for wildlife viewing and birdwatching. Explore the permanent water sources and observe the diverse wildlife thriving in their natural habitats.

Month-by-Month Breakdown

Understanding the month-by-month variations in Botswana allows you to plan your trip according to your preferences and interests. Whether it’s the lush landscapes of the early year, witnessing the migration in April, or the peak season game viewing from July to September, each period offers a rewarding experience. 


Weather Conditions and Wildlife Activities
From January to March, Botswana experiences warm days and occasional showers, marking the end of the rainy season. The lush vegetation and vibrant wildlife create a captivating atmosphere for exploration.

National Parks and Reserves to Visit
Moremi Game Reserve and Chobe National Park are popular destinations during this time. They offer abundant wildlife viewing opportunities, from majestic elephants to graceful antelopes, against the backdrop of lush landscapes.

Recommended Activities during this Period
Go on morning game drives when animals are most active, and the temperatures are pleasant, or explore the waterways of the Okavango Delta by Mokoro, where you’ll encounter a variety of bird species and enjoy the serenity of the peaceful water channels.


Weather Conditions and Wildlife Activities
April to June signals the transition into Botswana’s dry season. The days become cooler, and the vegetation starts to thin out, making wildlife sightings easier. It’s an ideal time for game viewing and experiencing Botswana’s diverse ecosystems.

Best Places to Witness the Annual Migration
During April, the famous zebra migration begins in the Makgadikgadi Pans National Park, presenting an extraordinary spectacle of thousands of zebras on the move. Witness this remarkable natural event and the predators that follow in their wake.

Exploring the Okavango Delta during the Green Season
April and May offer a unique opportunity to explore the Okavango Delta during the early green season. The delta’s waterways are at their highest, allowing for exciting mokoro rides and game viewing along the waterways where antelope herds gather.



Weather Conditions and Wildlife Activities
July to September is the peak season in Botswana, attracting wildlife enthusiasts from around the world. The weather is dry and cool, providing optimal conditions for game drives and wildlife viewing.

Peak Season in Botswana
This period is considered the best time to visit Botswana for unparalleled game viewing. The wildlife congregates around permanent water sources, creating thrilling encounters with predators and witnessing large herds of elephants, buffalos, and other iconic African species.

Choosing the Right National Parks for Game Viewing
Moremi Game Reserve and Chobe National Park are must-visit destinations during this time, known for their exceptional concentrations of wildlife. Explore the riverfront areas of Chobe or venture into the heart of Moremi for a remarkable safari experience.


Weather Conditions and Wildlife Activities
As October arrives, Botswana transitions from the dry season to the onset of the rainy season. The weather becomes increasingly unpredictable, with occasional showers cooling down the warm days. Wildlife activity remains high as the vegetation starts to regenerate. It’s a time of transition, offering a unique blend of the tail end of the dry season and the beginning of the lush green season.

Explore Lesser-Known Reserves and Private Concessions
October to December is an opportune time to explore lesser-known reserves and private concessions in Botswana. These areas offer a more exclusive and intimate safari experience, away from the crowds. As the popular national parks become busier, venturing into these hidden gems allows you to immerse yourself in the untouched wilderness and enjoy sightings of wildlife in a more secluded setting.

End of the Dry Season in Botswana
October marks the end of the dry season in Botswana. During this time, water levels in the Okavango Delta are still relatively high, providing excellent opportunities for water-based activities such as mokoro rides. The game viewing along the waterways is still rewarding, especially in the Khwai Community Concession and private concessions adjacent to the Moremi Game Reserve. As the dry season concludes, wildlife congregates around permanent waterholes, offering fantastic wildlife viewing and predator-prey interactions.

Traveling to Botswana from October to December is a wonderful choice for those seeking a unique safari experience. The combination of the tail end of the dry season and the beginning of the green season provides a diverse range of wildlife encounters and scenic landscapes. 

Keep in mind that weather conditions can be unpredictable during this period, with occasional showers and fluctuating temperatures. However, the beauty of Botswana’s wildlife and natural wonders remains unparalleled, making it an ideal time to head off the beaten path and create lasting memories.

Factors to Consider When Planning a Botswana Safari

Personal Preferences and Interests 
Are you looking for an up-close wildlife experience, cultural interactions, or a combination of both? Determine whether you prefer a more adventurous or luxurious safari, as this will determine your choice of accommodations and activities.

Budget Considerations 
Consider the cost of accommodations, transportation, park fees, and guided tours. Remember that prices can vary depending on the season and the level of luxury you desire. Research different options and choose the ones that best fit your budget without compromising your safari experience.

Availability of Accommodations and Tours 
Botswana’s popular safari destinations can get busy, especially during peak seasons. Check the availability of accommodations and tours well in advance to secure your preferred options. Booking early ensures you have a wider selection and you can plan your itinerary accordingly.

Wildlife Migration Patterns 
Understanding wildlife migration patterns can greatly enhance your safari experience. Research the movement of animals, such as zebras, elephants, and antelopes, to choose the best time to spot them in different areas of Botswana. For example, during the dry season, you can witness impressive migrations near the Okavango Delta and the Savuti region.

By considering your personal preferences, budget, availability of accommodations, and wildlife migration patterns, you can plan a Botswana safari that meets your expectations and creates unforgettable memories. 


In conclusion, choosing the best time to visit Botswana for a safari is crucial to ensure a remarkable experience. From the dry season’s excellent game viewing opportunities to the lush landscapes of the green season, Botswana offers something unique throughout the year. The dry season from May to October is ideal for wildlife enthusiasts, while the wet season from November to April showcases Botswana’s vibrant beauty.

Witness the stunning wildlife migration patterns, explore the waterways of the Okavango Delta, and embark on thrilling game drives through national parks such as Moremi and Chobe. From encountering herds of zebra and antelope to observing the lush vegetation and diverse ecosystems, each season in Botswana presents its own allure.

As you plan your visit remember that Botswana’s magic is not limited to a single time of year. Whether you opt for the dry season’s excellent game viewing or the green season’s captivating landscapes, Botswana promises a safari experience like no other.

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